Huge Savings on Toronto Car Rental Deals

Toronto is one of the biggest cities in North America. It attracts more than 2-5 million annual visitors every year. With so many sightseeing and activities to do inside and around Toronto, one definitely requires a good way of transportation method to cruise in this vast city. Most visitors that come to our great nation at the north rent a car for ease of travel. Toronto car rental helps you travel easily through the busy roads of Toronto and skipping the wait times in public transit. It also gives leeway to travel easily to other cities in the province especially the great Niagara falls or see the majestic 1000 islands or trek to Tobermory islands.

car rentals in toronto

Do I need to rent a car in Toronto?

Whether to rent a car or not depends on the kind of travel you intent to do. If you are planning to mainly stay in the downtown region of the city and do not have any plans of going outside then you can definitely consider skipping the Toronto car rental and can use the public transit along with the subway lines. Most of the major tourist attractions can be easily accessed by public transit; of course it will take longer compared to going in a rental car. Any activity that needs to be done outside needs a 4 wheel vehicle due to lack of transport outside the city.

car rental in toronto

Visiting other cities

If you do have an intention of travelling to other cities in the province such as Ottawa or other major attractions such as Toronto safari, 1000 islands or the great falls, then a rental car is a better option.

Having a rental not only helps you zip through the streets of the city but also helps you visit other tourist attractions. Especially when you are visiting the falls, you can easily see the nearby wineries and have a sip of some of the best Canadian wines. You can also visit the shopping centre near the falls as well as see the flower clock. If you have a U.S. visa, you can also go to the other side of the border and see the other side of the falls.

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Renting a car

When you arrive at the Pearson airport, you will find most rental companies with their kiosks in every terminal. Many companies that do have their kiosks there use shuttle services to pick up customers from the airport. Renting a car from the airport may cost 10 to 15% more in the price and you could have fewer options compared to renting from the city. Any visitor can easily head to downtown via the Union express or the subway. There you will definitely see more options in renting a car. Most hotels in Toronto have parking service along with valet parking.

When visiting this beautiful city of Toronto, one can definitely look for Toronto car rental options for ease of travelling and commuting to different parts of city. Visitors can also get fantastic deals by going online and booking them with many more options. Get the best car deals by comparing it with other companies and make the most of your visit in Toronto.